when you tell your kid to go to bed but they won't get down from the ceiling

Hear me out, thought of this cause of folks talking about fan kids.

Quincy and Ben adopting a kid but they soon discover their kid was born with magic and it’s just them going ⁉️ and figuring shit out one day at a time lol. I like the idea of these two goofs who are very good at archery and hacking but starting from zero when it comes to magic. They need a lot of help from friends in the first few years. (Ben has to call Obyn at least once a fortnight. 😔)

I think the kid’s powers would boil down to “Ben if he could actually shoot the bloons like Quincy”. Maximum MOAB damage.

Was interesting drawing a kid character for a change. Might develop this character more even though I never do fankids normally.

Really should name them (it’s not gonna be Quincy that would be silly).

Ben: you can’t just rename a child like that
Quincy: -rapidly crumbling the name change papers into his back pocket-