What I Do

  • Digital character artwork in flat colour, shaded or rendered.
  • I typically draw furry and human characters, but other types of characters are welcome.
  • Suggestive themes (nudity, sexual), if I’m comfortable doing it.

What I Don’t Do

  • Character design
  • Detailed backgrounds
  • Just sketches or lineart
  • Explicit art (sexual, gore etc.)
  • Fetish art

Terms of Service

  • I can refuse to do a commission for any reason.
  • I’ll start work on the commission after I receive full payment.
  • If the commission cannot be completed, all payment will be refunded.
  • A character reference is required. Please give me as much detail as necessary before I start work.
  • Commissions are for personal use only and cannot be used for profit. Sharing the piece on social media with credit is permitted.
  • I rightfully own the artwork, and may upload the piece on my own art platforms.


Flats (USD) Shaded (USD) Rendered (USD)
Bust (from shoulders) 35 40 85
Half Body (from hip or waist) 45 55 110
Full Body (from feet or below hip) 60 75 150

Additional costs may apply for simple backgrounds, pets and objects. This can be negotiated.

Two full bodies in flat colours + pet (monochrome colours if requested)

Shaded half body and shaded full body

Rendered half body

Rendered full body

How to Commission Me

1. Message me through:

2. Send payment in full. I will ask for an email address and send you a Paypal invoice.

I try to complete commissions within a week of payment for flat colour and shaded pieces, two for rendered. I will contact you if I have not finished your piece in that timeframe.