What I Do

  • Digital character artwork with flat colour.
  • I can draw humans, furries, and generally cute anthro subjects.
    • Outside of that, the art quality can vary.
    • Practised in drawing Blinx The Time Sweeper and Bloons characters.

What I Don’t Do

  • Just sketches and lineart
  • Detailed backgrounds
  • Anything explicit (sexual, gore etc.)
  • Fetish art

Terms of Service

Payment through PayPal invoice (can take credit card, debit card, PayPal, or PayPal Credit).

I’ll start work on the commission after I receive full payment.

If the commission cannot be completed, all payment will be refunded.

A character reference is required for original characters. Please give me as much detail as necessary before I start work.

Commissions are for personal use only and cannot be used for profit. Sharing the art on social media with credit is permitted.

I rightfully own the artwork, but I will only upload it to my social media with your permission.

I can refuse to do a commission for any reason.


Base pricing listed below, ask me about pricing for additional characters and details.


Up from the shoulders (headshots and busts)

$15 USD per character

Half Body

Up from the waist or hip

$20 USD per character

How to Commission Me

1. Message me through:

  • Discord - If we’re in mutual servers, I accept DMs from server members.
  • Email - Send me the details to [email protected]

2. Send payment in full. An invoice will be emailed and link to you.