Mako's land form

I scribbled down Mako’s land form yesterday. A decent indicator of where I am drawing anatomy wise.

random but related lore

  • There’s no real downside to Mako being in this form but it takes a huge amount of energy/mana to do so he’s basically out of commission for some time after transforming
  • Obyn is the one who teaches Mako how to transform (regular and ocean Obyn are the same)
  • Mako is very curious about inland life so having legs finally lets him see that
  • Now Mako can be gay on land YAY
  • His land form also doesn’t have fur (smoothhh)
  • Doesn’t wear clothes most of the time (not inclined to)
  • He does eat fish
  • He greatly respects Obyn as a guardian of the sea. Him and Briar bond over that.