We’re so back baby.

If you’re reading this, thank you for all the support this year! It’s still crazy to me that there are people out there who enjoy my art, as goofy and indulgent as it is.

I’m really glad I got back into art this year after a brutally long art block. Despite having a full-time job, I’m drawing even more than I ever did before which is insane and perhaps worrying.

It goes without saying that getting into drawing Bloons fanart was the best thing to happen to my art. It reinvigorated my love for creating and got me drawing things I don’t normally do. Having something I’m weird about is very good motivation to experiment too. Started off with crunchy mspaint doodles and by the end doing lineless renders.

Here’s to creating more art and getting even weirder in 2024.

So the main point of this post: I picked out some pieces that I think summarise my art this year. The categories make this feel like a mini award ceremony haha.

Best piece: Rubber to Gold

Most popular on Reddit (also most controversial lol): Programming Socks

Most popular on Tumblr: Brickles is Dead

Favourite pfp: lo-fi beats

Best traditional: Jericho with a MOAB Plush

Personal favourite: Powerful Wind, Slicked-back Hair

Shoutout to Eti for being in half of them lol