More playing around with colouring style but also typical Benjamin simping. He’s got a lollypop stick in his mouth cause it’s hot? lol

Tried to mix the rendering in my lineless pieces with my typical lineart. It looks okay but the shading got muddled and looks like I went overboard with gradients rather than blending in shadows to create depth. Think it partially has to do with using a different brush (more suitable to lineart) just because.

Don’t think I got the side view pose quite right either cause I used a bad reference but it also looks okay.

The way I draw Benji’s hair I find particularly difficult to get correct but it doesn’t feel right when I try to redesign it. Did simplify it a little and I’m gonna try to be less stringent with the curls.

Spent way too long cleaning this up but it’s worth it for Benji. Background I quickly slapped together based off his unlock key art.