Observing the rare orca mermonkey

Based off a Pusheen comic.

Orcas were my favourite ocean animal growing up so it makes sense that I would design a mermonkey Bloons OC around one (shown in Bloons Pop!). I drew a lot of inspiration from the official beast handler orca cause it just makes sense to me. In terms of gayest character designs I’ve done so far, he’s up there.

Mako’s tickling a part of my brain so expect more art of him. 🥰

Used the marker brush from AliasBA’s second CSP brush set for a change. Almost lost this drawing cause I accidently shut down my computer which corrupted the CSP file. Thank god for automatic backup folders. 😭

Design Doodles

First design sketch of Mako and their soon-to-be beast handler friend/the one he has a fat gay crush on. As you can see Mako is massive.

low poly crab fren

Character Notes

  • A gentle giant and a bit of a crybaby
  • My ass will make the moon (cough cough moon goddess) give Mako the ability to transform into a regular monke
  • Easily impressed by a lot of things not familiar to him, since he only starting to learn about the world on land
  • Mako doesn’t brush his hair all that much, being a big sea creature and all (he would need a big fuckin comb)
  • Thinking of giving Mako the ability to manipulate water
  • I pulled his name from both H2O: Just Add Water and Free! I’ll be real lmao