Look, Jericho is so fucking hot bro, like you cannot even start fathoming his hotness.

I mean, just look at him, he’s got a smirky expression and that eyebrow raise, you know he’s gotta be up to something, and that ‘something’ must be saucy. Not to mention that hairstyle, which rivals the previous hot monkey’s(Ben’s) hairstyle. It’s simple and elegant, and it looks so fucking cool paired with that expression. We’re not even done with the head and we already have at least 3 reasons why he’s hot. Really goes to show just how hot he is.

Onto his other level portraits, he wears golden-rimmed sunglasses, which is such a nice addition to his face, and that is another reason why Jericho is hot as fuck. He also has a wireless receiver on his ear, which may not be significant, but just goes to show what cool gadgets he possesses, making him extra hot. Similar reasoning can be done to his night vision goggles.

Jericho is a secret agent, which means that he gets to do spy work and kill enemies. I mean, how cool is that? Being able to do cool stuff with gadgets and shit? Count me in, and that makes him even hotter than ever before.

His clothing makes him look like a gentleman. I bet he is a polite man with very elegant manners, even on missions. His personality makes him very hot too.

He wears a gold watch. Nothing more needs to be said. +100 hot points.

Conclusion: Jericho is so fucking hot I think I’m gay now

Thanks to Isnert for sparking the art idea lol

Copypasta written by batters up engi/engineermonke.

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