Inspired by the unintentionally hilarious fanfic “The Blinx Series” where a mob character asks if an important character’s disappearance (Kevin) would cancel the prom.

Discovered this fanfic a long time ago, back in the 2010s. Till recently it had remained relatively obscure among other Blinx fans. I mentioned it jokingly during a Blinx Corps VC hangout and Sion decided to do a reading of it and now a portion of the server is trying to glean Roland’s appearance and demanding #justiceforkevin.

We discovered that while the writing could be better, the characters, culture references and plot holes make this some of the most unintentionally hilarious bit of Blinx media we’ve come across.

For example:

  • “Jimmy’s Skinnies” is the funniest team name ever created
  • Roland calling Blinx an “arrogant little kitten” multiple times sounds like both of them are gonna have hate sex at any moment
  • The line where Blinx says he does “one hit wonders” well is oddly clever and way too good in this fic
  • Kevin’s personality is being missing for two weeks and
  • The squad goes into the ice caves for 10 mins and it’s just them arguing and debating whether Muse is good while a Muse song literally plays in scene.

On top of all that, the author, Furious Inkblot, joined the server not too long ago and they’re cool with it. I imagine discovering your obscure teen fanfiction suddenly becoming a community meme with fanart is quite a shock.