Realisation 1 Realisation 2

So I discovered Quincy x Benjamin was a thing.

This was fun to draw. Partially because of the outfits, mostly because of Quincy.

(Quincy, art of Quincy.)

Went for giving Quincy a flowy ponytail inspired by his wolfpack skin and other artists’ depiction of Quincy. I’m fond of Iruma’s archer outfit (from Mairimashita! Iruma-kun), therefore every archer should have a cute ponytail. The hoodie and maid outfit were also community inspired, though I basically based them off outfits in my previous pieces (heh).

The top right Quincy technically has an error in that he’s right-handed so his quiver is oriented towards the wrong shoulder. The initial sketch missed that detail and I didn’t want to redraw it just for character correctness’ sake.

As for the ship itself, there’s not much to work with (just like Blinx ships!). But I think it works for a couple of reasons.

  • Visually they look great together. A good ship can just start by putting two hot dudes together (trust). Also green and orange is a pleasing colour combo.
  • It’s a trope that archery is treated as the antithesis of technology, usually firearms. Computers and hacking are close enough to make the difference in speciality appealing.
  • I could see a jock x nerd bromance dynamic between them. They’re both some of the more relaxed of the BTD heroes so they could be best of friends that can bounce off each other’s humour and energy.

I might have more personality-driven points if I decide to draw them in the same piece again.

The Draw The Squad base that I used as the basis then expanded from.