Everyone wants to kiss Ben *wheeze*

Got inspired by galaxysunset’s Valentine’s Day Ben piece to do one for love day too. My initial idea was also to draw Benji and render it (had the itch to). Mentioned it in the Bloons Fan Art server and Serenesty suggested I do something inspired by Kuzuyku’s piece with Gwen being wooed by Ezili and Quincy. Cool, I could do Adora and Quincy asking out Ben… but what if I threw Eti, Gwen and Churchill in there too…

And that’s how I ended up rendering six Bloons heroes / the popular Ben ships over two weeks (just over a week late lol). It’s nice to challenge myself and work myself towards doing bigger drawings once in a while.

Most time I’ve spent working on a piece as far as I can remember but it was worth the effort. Think this is my best lineless rendering to date, but the possibilities are still very wide which is exciting. The updated artistic library includes subtle highlights and rim lighting, better shadows and airbrushing to add extra depth. Still a very slow process, many hours were spent on this lol. Bit frustrating but am still an art baby at this.


  • Quincy is absolutely adorable *mauls him*
  • Adora is really prettyyy. Learned to contour breasts for her. At one point I sized them down cause they were too big and round lol
  • Churchill, the bastard, looks best when pissed. Also an attempt at plastic bag.

The artists who helped me out with feedback and tips have my thanks. The encouragement I received was very motivating.

I ran this through Glaze twice and it absolutely baked it to a crisp (literally black). Welp.

For the hell of it, strawpoll for who Ben should date (maybe I’ll draw the final result, heh).

Finally can get back to the other wips and things I wanted to draw while working on this.